About TechCA

In December 2019, organizers launched the Technology Industry Association of California (TechCA) as a nonprofit trade association to represent the technology industry in interactions with state and local governments.

TechCA’s mission is to create more productive and trusting partnerships between government and industry by building community, helping industry speak with one voice, and promoting fairness, diversity, and equal access in government contracting.

Prior to 2019, California was one of the few states that did not have its own technology industry association. TechCA is based on associations in other states, such as Washington, Texas, Florida, and others that have successfully served the state-based technology community.   The nonprofit also serves as a bridge to cities and counties throughout the state.

With a special emphasis on small businesses that have been traditionally underrepresented, TechCA offers government relations and legislative advocacy services to help industry speak with one voice.  Association dues are scaled for companies based on revenue and size, allowing for an equal vote and easy access by Small Business / Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise certified companies.

TechCA is formed as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade association.

Consisting of industry professionals representing a diverse range of perspectives, the Corporate Advisory Council sets the association’s priorities and direction to fulfill TechCA’s mission and ensure a high-quality membership experience.  In a brand-neutral way, members of the Advisory Council are committed to supporting the community and helping association staff by providing expertise and professional knowledge.  The Advisory Council meets monthly to discuss association activities, including work in various committees, event planning, and membership growth.