DCSS’ need for cost control was met by a joint proposal from Rubrik & ENS, who delivered what the managing system administrator calls “an end-to-end solution”


California Child Support Services provides tools and services for child support case workers who assist citizens through offices at the county level. Some 600 employees who work for headquarters in Sacramento have access to data and applications on the department’s IT systems, as do more than 7,000 caseworkers across the state. The department runs Windows-based systems, including VMware-based virtualization, storage, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Office 365 applications, Web services, application development and backup. The department’s primary application, a case management system, is hosted in the Cloud and interacts with a large number of smaller applications that integrate with other systems and provide additional functionality for workers at both the state and county levels. Data integrity and security are essential to the department’s IT systems, as records contain sensitive personal and financial information tied to child support payments and enforcement. Speed and reliability of data management are also critically important, as any downtime can mean citizens are not being served. And, as a state agency, cost control and efficient use of resources are always top priorities. Cost efficiency and hardware lifespan was the reason the department started looking at alternatives for data backup in 2016. The criteria for a new backup solution not only included cost efficiency but also simplified operation. The new backup system needed to be easy to use and offer increased automation. With Rubrik, California Child Support Services found just that.

For more information on how the department cut staff time devoted to backups by 50% saved money and leveraged their integrator Enterprise Networking Solutions (ENS) please goto https://www.rubrik.com/content/dam/rubrik/en/resources/case-study/Customer-Sucess-Rubrik-and-DCSS.pdf

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