CA Dept Of Child Support Services Safeguards Sensitive Data w/ENS & Rubrik

DCSS' need for cost control was met by a joint proposal from Rubrik & ENS, who delivered what the managing system administrator calls “an end-to-end solution”   California Child Support Services provides tools and services for child support case workers who assist citizens through offices at the county level. Some 600 employees who work for [...]

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CDT to update state technology strategy in January

The California Department of Technology (CDT) is working on a new state technology strategy to be released on January 15, 2021, according to Chief Strategist Justin Cohan-Shapiro, who recently joined the department after working in the Governor's Office.  The announcement was made at CDT's vendor forum that included 280 attendees representing the technology industry and state government.

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DGS Case Study Highlights Service Now on Transition to Telework

DGS dashboard measures telework use and impacts From tools to impact: How DGS’ transition to telework saved millions of miles How DGS automated telework tracking and measuring impact DGS’ telework journey: rapid tools lead to big results DGS and telework: turning mandate into mission critical   The Challenge DGS needed to move as many staff [...]

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Direct Technology GovSolutions – Balancing Essential Work and Emergency Budgets

Exponential Leaders in Government will balance essential projects and fiscal stewardship in order to navigate the path forward. Government contract limits are a new symptom of the global pandemic. Reducing planned expenditures is a vital effort to mitigate the economic impact on local and state coffers. This means ambitious modernization projects are becoming backlogged, and many departments are feeling the squeeze as they adjust their IT roadmaps for the foreseeable future.

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Software AG Government Solutions – Government Integration Hub

Executives and thought leaders across the Federal, State and Local government landscape have acknowledged a critical need for near real-time access to accurate data in support of COVID-19 emergency responses. The effectiveness of the response efforts is being significantly hindered by the absence of connectivity across the various enterprises which have the data needed to expedite timely and accurate responses.

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Q&A with Entisys360’s Mike Strohl

With an increasing number of businesses adopting work-from-home strategies to comply with shelter-in-place mandates, Entisys360, an award-winning IT solution provider with a regional office in Irvine, has been on the front lines, helping its customers maintain business continuity in the face of massive business disruption. The Orange County Business Journal sat down with Mike Strohl, CEO of Entisys360, to learn more about how the spread of coronavirus is impacting local businesses.

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F5 Business Continuity During COVID-19

As the global workforce self-isolates, technology becomes a bridge that keeps us all connected. Code becomes a language that transcends borders and unites us as one worldwide community. Now more than ever, we’re relying on digital code as well as our human code—doing the right thing for one another—as we navigate this pandemic together.

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Qualtrics COVID 19 Solutions

State and local governments are partnering with Qualtrics in order to open up their economies in a safe manner as quickly as possible. Through partnerships nationwide, Qualtrics is supporting these agencies with customized, end-to-end solutions based on where they are in the pandemic trajectory:

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