F5 Business Continuity During COVID-19

As the global workforce self-isolates, technology becomes a bridge that keeps us all connected. Code becomes a language that transcends borders and unites us as one worldwide community. Now more than ever, we’re relying on digital code as well as our human code—doing the right thing for one another—as we navigate this pandemic together.

For more than 15 years, NGINX technology has helped websites to scale and cope with surges in traffic. F5 and NGINX want to help you if you’re operating a website or mobile application and expect to see an impact from COVID‑19. To help, they are:

  • Opening up their core training and making content available at no cost to educate you on how NGINX Open Source helps.
  • Encouraging their employees to spend work time responding to requests for help with affected websites wishing to use NGINX, on Stack Overflow1 and the @nginx channel on Twitter using #nginxhelp.
  • Providing additional help by offering one free year of NGINX Plus for those in the education, public government, and non‑profit sectors.

Learn more at F5.com and NGINX.com.