Qualtrics COVID 19 Solutions

Qualtrics COVID 19 Solutions

State and local governments are partnering with Qualtrics in order to open up their economies in a safe manner as quickly as possible. Through partnerships nationwide, Qualtrics is supporting these agencies with customized, end-to-end solutions based on where they are in the pandemic trajectory:

Phase 1: Testing/Pre Screening – Connecting residents to testing sites, facilities, etc. via Qualtrics SmartRouting. The residents have been prescreened for symptoms and lifestyle and are directed to schedule tests at local testing sites, with all data (from assessment -> testing -> lab results) maintained in a single system of record.

Phase 2: Contact Tracing – Identifying those impacted by COVID-19 and peoples, places, and events by which they have come across. By automating much of this process, Qualtrics is making it easier than ever to connect with individuals nationwide. This process allows for extensive contact tracing without the privacy and security concerns of proposed bluetooth and cellular tracking technologies. The Qualtrics solution can augment and work with the Bluetooth technologies to further enhance the residents experience.

Phase 3: Re-opening the Economy – Reopening economies safely requires multiple data points, including the appropriate sector-specific strategies for business, insurance that those returning to physical worksites have been tested and cleared, and insight into consumer behavior post-pandemic. Several jurisdictions have used Qualtrics technology to understand their local business environment as well as likely consumer behavior once economies are reopened. In addition, Qualtrics technology can create unified systems to certify which employees have tested negative and have not come in contact with COVID-19, lowering the risk of them returning to work.

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