TechCA association dues are scaled for companies based on revenue (U.S.D) and size, allowing for an equal vote, and easy access by small business and disabled veteran business enterprise certified companies.

In addition to our membership benefits provided equally to each membership tier, TechCA offers industry-specific advocacy services at an additional annual membership cost. Interested in impacting the technology legislation and policies originating in the state legislature? Track and influence technology with in-house lobbying as well as a contract lobbyist that will advocate with the California Tech Caucus as well as relevant legislative committees and policymakers. This includes tracking, monitoring, supporting, and opposing any technology-related legislation in various areas, including privacy, emerging technologies, procurement, education, and workforce initiatives that help shape the technology landscape in California.

 Annual U.S.D. Company Revenue  Annual Dues
 Under $15 Million  $1,500.00
 $15 Million-$99 Million  $2,500.00
 $100 Million-$999 Million  $5,000.00
 $1 Billion and Higher  $7,500.00