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Red Hat, the leading provider of integrated, hybrid-cloud, enterprise software, has created an example of a humanitarian solution that enables neighbors to support each other during a disaster. Red Hat’s Emergency Response Demo is an example of how community-powered open source innovation, which Red Hat makes available in an enterprise-ready form, can be used to support the efforts of another community – volunteers in a “Cajun Navy” type response as emerged during Hurricane Harvey. We also harness the power of yet another community: the passionate and talented developers and operators from across different divisions of an organization.

The emergence of new technology, via collaboration between individuals of a community, has led to unprecedented improvements to the human race. This is the Power of Communities. The innovation created from open-source collaboration between some of the world’s greatest minds, in particular in the past 15 years, is undeniable and unprecedented. The open-source collaboration model is not a “disease” as it was labelled by some in its infancy 20 years ago. On the contrary, the recent personification of innovation itself is the open-source collaboration model. Open-source is synonymous with Red Hat. Red Hat embodies the Power of Communities.

You are invited to spend an hour with Red Hat discovering more about the Power of Communities and how we can help you leverage that power to deliver on your organization’s mission with greater agility, security, and scalability. You will be introduced to Red Hat’s portfolio of capabilities via their use in the Emergency Response Demo, and will learn how Red Hat’s integrated portfolio of enterprise products can accelerate your organization’s business solutions to the hybrid-cloud.

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