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Join Scrum Adventures for their next “Scrum and Wine” event on August 17th, 2022, from 6pm to 8pm PT.

Management guru Peter Drucker claimed that “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner stated that “Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game; it is the game.” It has long been known that culture is a critical part of every organization, but for many, it is hard to explain and even harder to understand how to influence it. In this talk, they will look at what organizational culture is, how different cultures can exist in the same organization (agile vs traditional hierarchy), and provide some suggestions on how to transition an organizational culture. While there is no silver bullet in culture change, this talk will help you understand how to nudge your culture in a different direction.

Various scenario’s will be introduced, where you get to work with other Scrum and Wine aficionados. Whatever happens is what is meant to happen!

Scrum and Wine offers a relaxed and inviting space for Agile and Scrum aficionados to gather, support, and learn from one another.

Register today to reserve your spot.

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