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All Your Security Needs Under One Roof: Webinar with NetApp

  In theory, no one should pay ransom to recover from a cyberattack when backup and recovery options are available. There are a number of tools on the market that empower agencies to prepare for ransomware threats and implement disaster recovery and business continuity plans. With the increasing adoption of public cloud IT platforms, it [...]

California: Creating a Safe Working Environment for the Hybrid Workforce


On July 26th, 2021, the State of California announced a first-in-the-nation standard that all state and health care workers would be required to provide proof of vaccination or be tested at least weekly. All local government and other employers have been encouraged to follow a similar protocol. The new mandate commenced August 2nd and will [...]

Procurement Committee Meeting

TechCA Members are invited to join this regular meeting of the Procurement Committee to discuss the latest issues. Committee leadership and members will develop an agenda and may vote on policy initiatives.

Cybersecurity Portfolio Ultimate Test Drive with Palo Alto Networks

We could tell you all about how the Palo Alto Networks cybersecurity portfolio strengthens and completes your security posture, but we think it’ll be more fun—and way more impressive—for you to experience it yourself. Ultimate Test Drive workshops are an exciting, informative and immersive way to get hands-on experience with our technology and see exactly [...]

Legislative Committee Meeting

TechCA Members are invited to join this regularly scheduled meeting of the Legislative Committee to discuss related technology, procurement and privacy bills currently progressing through the state legislature.

Veeam Data Bites Series comes to California!

DATA BITES is a new series that gives you a taste of what’s happening in SLED and data protection. It will feature a menu of industry topics that will surely resonate with you. You’ll hear from our customers, watch real‑time demos, and much more. First on the menu is cybersecurity. Viewers will learn how to: Identify different types of malicious attacks Prevent the effects of ransomware Develop the multi‑layer defense strategy with the 3‑2‑1‑1‑0 Rule [...]

Cortex Pro Hands-On Workshop With Palo Alto Networks

As a security analyst, threat hunting is a big part of your daily routine. You need an edge to find the most sophisticated threats, understand how they got through, hunt them across your organization and drive the quickest response possible. Are you sure you’re doing everything you can? Find out from the comfort of your [...]

Tech Industry Meetup

Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar 2718 J Street, Sacramento, CA

We’re back in person following all public health guidelines! Please join us for drinks and networking. The Technology Industry Association of California hosts monthly meetups from 5:30 pm to 8 pm at the Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar at 2718 J Street in Sacramento. If you partner with the State of California to provide tech [...]

Corporate Advisory Council Meeting

Corporate Advisory Council Members are invited to join this meeting to discuss the latest issues. Council leadership and members will develop an agenda and may vote on policy initiatives.