Janet Haley joins Direct Technology with a distinguished background in powerful solutions for government and a wealth of personal advice.

Direct Technology is thrilled to welcome long-time state government expert Janet Haley to their Government Solutions team. Janet’s 20 years of experience include a robust resume of legacy system upgrades, business analysis, security assessments, fiscal project management, organizational change management, and more. Clearly Janet comes to the table with the aptitude and knowledge to drive powerful solutions for government.

After a recent focus on creating staffing-based solutions, she now looks forward to shifting to service-based solutions at Direct Technology. “When you are working with a company like Direct Technology, it’s a different mindset, centered around relationship building and long-term solutions”

Speaking of building relationships, Janet joins a distinguished industry colleague of hers on Direct Technology’s government team: retired California Office of Technology Services CIO, Davood Ghods. The two originally met decades ago, and after running into each other at a 2019 conference, she was keen to join Direct Technology with him. “I just feel so honored to work with such respected leaders,” she said. When this Sales Executive role emerged, she pursued it, citing Direct Technology’s reputation as a mature organization that creates solutions that work for the people. “We are excited to have Janet join our growing team and contribute to Direct Technology’s efforts to support the public sector’s IT challenges” says Kyle Keyser, VP of Government Solutions.

Originally from London, England, Janet now lives in the Sierra foothills in Northern California with her husband, golden retriever, and very British sense of humor. In fact, that golden retriever rescue, Sasha Daisy, has inspired some of Janet’s best business lessons:

1. Always be interested in people.

Janet considers this gold(en) standard the best piece of advice she’s ever received and attributes much of her success in relationship building to it. Active listening is a valuable but rarely deployed skill for a lot of people, and so it occasionally catches people off-guard. Nevertheless, her entire career has thrived because of relationships built on her genuine interest in people’s needs, concerns, and goals.

2. Get up and get moving.

Janet is full of golden-retriever energy and that starts with rising early every day. She enjoys looking forward to the tasks, events, and people each day will bring. She always seeks to contribute to something greater. Janet also recently ran a fundraiser in her local community to support essential workers.

3. In times of stress, prioritize calm and humor.

Janet’s superpower is the ability to navigate high-stress work situations with poise and a sense of humor—when a leader stays calm under pressure; the whole team feels more secure and able to focus on powering through the challenge. She attributes this strength to Sasha Daisy, who is always by her side to help keep her grounded.

4. Don’t overthink (a golden retriever classic).

If Janet could impart one piece of advice, it would be not to second-guess what somebody else is thinking. “Your perspective is totally different to somebody else’s perspective,” she explains. “Don’t overthink things, you know?

Please help us welcome Janet to Direct Technology!

Contact us at govsolutions@directtechnology.com for help with your digital modernization needs. Remember to ask for Janet!