Data Manager - Public Consulting Group


The Data Manager is responsible for the data related requirements and design, data integrity and security, data mapping for application migration and integration, and data flows during project implementation. Data Manager role includes analyzing Client’s existing data and the solution requirements to design how all data will be handled, including how data will be migrated, how data flows through all the integrated systems, how the data will be used and analyzed, complete data mapping, understand and develop database schemas, and designing/developing/managing SQL databases.


• Designing data migration pipeline between source and staging databases to target database
• Design and implementation of data migration programs/scripts
• Demonstrate expertise on platform specific object data model
• Perform database release automation process and support continuous Integration & Delivery
• Use creative problem-solving to automate the collection and analysis from available data sources in order to deliver actionable output
• Participate in post migration support, troubleshooting and answering end user questions
• Review and analyze data, matching it with migration scenarios, and determining where there are anomalies
• Create and manage data flow diagrams and responsible for understanding the overall data ecosystem of large enterprise system


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