eCrime Attorney - Department of Justice

The eCrime Unit provides investigative and prosecutorial support to the five California regional high-tech task forces funded through the High Technology Theft Apprehension and Prosecution (HTTAP) Program as well as to those rural counties not represented by an HTTAP-funded task force.

Deputies in the eCrime Unit (ECU) are experienced criminal trial lawyers who must work independently in the investigation and prosecution of major, multi-jurisdictional, complex criminal cases, typically involving crimes in which an electronic device or network is used to commit a crime; an electronic device or network is used to facilitate a crime; or an electronic device, network, or intellectual property is the target of the crime.

Deputies coordinate and advise at every stage of investigation and prosecution including providing legal support to investigations initiated by state agencies, legal advocacy for state operated digital forensic laboratories and coordination with out-of-state law enforcement on issues such as domesticating search warrants, extraditing suspects and working with federal partners. Deputies develop and present curricula in training programs for judges, prosecutors, law enforcement and the public on technology safety issues and legal updates.

This position requires travel to fully participate in investigations and prosecutions in other jurisdictions.


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