Information Technology Manager II - CA State Lottery


Under administrative direction of the Deputy Director of the Information Technology Services Division (ITSD), the Chief Applications Officer is responsible for managing the California State Lottery’s (Lottery) Data, Information, and Analytics Services (DIAS); Digital and Interactive Services (DIS); Enterprise Software Administration and Support (ESAS), Application Development and Support (ADS). The Chief Applications Officer is responsible for managing the policy development, technical implementation, and maintenance and support of the Lottery’s information technology (IT) applications and systems. The Chief Applications Officer serves as a technology generalist and acts as a representative of the Lottery for internal and external contacts related to the development and support of the Lottery’s Public Website (PWS), web/mobile applications, SharePoint (intranet), and the Lottery’s critical enterprise platforms and applications (e.g., ServiceNow, enterprise financial and accounting system). The duties for this position include components from all six domains: Business Technology Management, Information Security Engineering, Client Services, Information Technology (IT) Project Management, Software Engineering, and System Engineering.

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