Integration Architect/Manager - Public Consulting Group


The candidate will provide integration services to our clients for medium scale modernization projects. The ideal candidate should have experience designing IaaS and PaaS infrastructure/application architecture, performing structured analyses to develop system specifications for Interface Guides and Specifications, and coordinating with clients to finalize connectivity, testing and implementation timelines. This position will lead a cross-disciplinary team to deploy software into production and non-production environments. The candidate will manage the workstream for integration deliverables and work products that will be completed in accordance with our overall strategy, approach, and methodology. Activities may include, but are not limited to:


• Leading the effort to develop and execute the Integration Work Plan and work with the project manager to ensure timely delivery of work products and software
• Working closely with clients to plan and manage pre- and post-integration support
• Managing integration support resources to execute the Integration Work Plan
• Leading the integration workstream to ensure on-Schedule performance of all integration support planning and execution activities
• Developing and delivering regular status reports for integration activities
• Collaborating with the project manager, architect, release manager and change manager to enhance communication efforts related to integration
• Reviewing operational processes and provide input for improvement by implementing relevant lean or agile strategies


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