Technology Writing Specialist - HHS Technology Group

 Copy Writer

HHS Technology Group is looking for a Technology Writing Specialist to join our team. The Tech Writer will be Supporting technical delivery team throughout development, deployment. This role must be able to independently author the following types of documents:

Technical Documentation (environment description), Disaster Recovery Plan, Application Configuration and Maintenance Plan, System Design Document, System Security Plan, Interface Control Document.


  • Supports technical delivery team throughout development, deployment, and implementation phases, documents business processes, generates user manuals, test scripts and business requirements for technology driven initiatives including financial systems, broadcast, marketing and media management systems
  • Experience working on Deliverable Expectation Documents (DEDs) and writing deliverables based on DEDs
  • Investigates, troubleshoots, documents and resolves system issues
  • Formulates and defines systems requirements and implementation objectives through research and fact-finding combined with understanding of software lifecycle management and industry standards
  • Analyze, understand and document business processes, document requirements, and review existing system functionality to formulate recommendations and define appropriate changes
  • Generate or create reports for data integrity analysis, review results and document conclusions so business users can understand and react accordingly
  • Review and document system defects for internal and external development teams, manage tickets and follow-up to ensure timely resolution, participate in QA of resolved items and organize user testing and document production deployment approvals
  • document as-is and to-be process diagrams, generate or coordinate the creation of user test cases, training manuals and user guides
  • Read technical specifications documents for validating delivery of new functionality, system upgrades, and fixes; Translate such specifications into user friendly documentation to aid in user training sessions
  • Support other team members in identification, validation, and documentation of business requirements and process changes
  • Engage and guide users through change management and support them during systems implementation, migration or integration
  • Improving content creation efforts by helping to lead the research development of interactive and experiential storytelling for projects
  • Advising how to improve the ongoing iteration of content models
  • Collaborating with designers and other content strategists to improve how the effectiveness of digital, print, and other content is measured
  • Developing and maintaining appropriate voice for produced content
  • Advising how to streamline content production and management solutions and processes, based on user research