Marlon Paulo Joins City Innovate as Executive VP for Professional Services

Image: LinkedIn

Former California state chief technology procurement officer Marlon Paulo has joined City Innovate, a San Francisco-based firm that specializes in procurement and innovation in the public sector.

“I am excited to take on new challenges in the private sector while continuing to help government agencies become more innovative,” said Paulo. “Now more than ever, organizations need to be nimble and competitive with their procurement strategies.”

With more than 20 years of serving in key leadership roles in California state government, Paulo is a veteran technology professional, serving as chief technology procurement officer and chief procurement officer at the California Department of Technology for nearly 10 years.

He also served as chief of infrastructure at both the FI$Cal Project and the California Department of Mental Health, as well as director of information technology for the California State Assembly.

For the past year, Paulo has served as acting director of procurement for the County of Santa Clara.

As vice president for professional services for City Innovate, Paulo will help the firm work with departments on procurement innovations and modernizations, including challenge-based procurements and the utilization of City Innovate’s acquisition platform. Currently, he is leading several training workshops for high to mid-level requirements and business requirements gathering related to challenge-based procurements.

About City Innovate:

Based in San Francisco, California, and co-founded by former San Francisco Chief Innovation Officer Jay Nath and veteran entrepreneur Kamran Saddique, City Innovate focuses on CIOs, agency leaders, and procurement officers tasked with driving innovation and digital transformation from inside of City, County, State, and Federal government.

Where others focus on selling technology first, City Innovate focuses on building capacity around Agile Procurement inside government. Agile Procurement involves taking an iterative pencil to workflows and processes, so as to cut the time and effort required to get to the result desired. One hallmark of agile procurement is asking the question: how can we make the procurement process better match the pace of technology? This takes careful attention to people, process, and technology.

City Innovate is a member of TechCA.