TechCA Membership Agreement

All agreements are for a one-year annual membership, dues based on annual U.S. company revenue listed online at Individual member benefits are based on company employee status and do not include substitutions, such as hired consultants or contractors.

  • Association governance in committees by member companies includes one vote per company. The Corporate Advisory Council and various committees are established to guide association activities and programs. Individuals participating in committees are subject to approval by the Corporate Advisory Council. Annual membership does not specifically guarantee a role in committee governance. All member companies have one vote in association-wide governance, including activities within the Legislative Committee. Please indicate to TechCA staff if your company has opted out of this committee.
  • Each company membership includes 10 seats, designated company employees who can participate in association governance and programs. Certain programs, such as participation in a conference or workshop, may require additional sponsorship support to pay for facilities and production costs. TechCA will make all such offers available to all annual members, with participation on a first-come basis.
  • Please note our private policy for members, event attendees and website visitors. TechCA does not sell data to third parties. As a member-benefit we will publish company and staff information in the TechCA directory. Read our privacy policy here:
  • TechCA strictly complies with all antitrust laws. All TechCA members and staff will be sensitive to the unique legal issues involving trade associations and accordingly, will take all measures necessary to comply with U.S. antitrust laws. Antitrust laws prohibit concerted activities or agreements between competitors in restraint of trade. By their nature, associations bring competitors together to discuss items of importance to the industry and otherwise facilitate communications and the exchange of information among competitors. Accordingly, the leaders and members of an association must be particularly attuned to the potential for situations/discussions/information exchanges that could give rise to antitrust allegations and agree to avoid discussions including, but not limited to, fees, rates, prices, profits, market allocations or supplier boycotts in any TechCA events or activities.
  • Access to members-only online tools, such as Insight, is restricted to those who have authorized access, employees of the member companies who pay dues as referenced above. The sharing of login and account information and proprietary member content is strictly prohibited and may result in the suspension or cancelation of member benefits for individuals and / or companies, without a refund.
  • TechCA respects the rights of individuals and is committed to a harassment-free experience. Any individual or company that violates the Code of Conduct may have their membership suspended or canceled without a refund. See the TechCA code of conduct here: