5/4 @9:30AM: TechCA COVID19 Response Call: State of California

Please join TechCA for a discussion with the technology industry on ways to help state officials respond to COVID-19. Joining the call will be Stephanie Tom, CDT Deputy Director for Strategic Planning, Broadband, and Digital Literacy. Agenda: California Department of Technology: Update on Digital Divide Task Force and CDT Strategic Plan Review of State and [...]

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4/8 @ 10AM: COVID19 IT Response: A conversation with Bill Kehoe, CIO, LA County

Interested to know what California’s IT departments and agencies are doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? Join TechCA in discussion with Bill Kehoe, Los Angeles County's Chief Information Officer on Wednesday, April 8, at 10 am for a conversation about response and recovery. Learn how the IT vendor community can support needs, who to [...]

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TechCA Procurement Committee Convened

Thank you to all the procurement wonks who joined us for TechCA’s first Procurement Committee meeting last week.  We had a good-sized crowd and a great first conversation about what’s important to technology vendors in Sacramento.  And a special thanks to IBM for hosting! As I mentioned at the beginning of the meeting, this is [...]

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Please join us this Thursday for the next Tech Industry Meetup!

Please join us on Feb. 20 for drinks and networking. The Technology Industry Association of California hosts regular meetups from 5:30 pm to 8 pm at the Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar at 2718 J Street in Sacramento. If you work with the State of California to provide tech products or services, this group is for you.  [...]

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Sacramento Business Journal: Technology Industry Association seeks voice for government IT companies

A new trade association has formed in Sacramento for technology companies that do work for state and local agencies. Launched by local tech industry professionals, the Technology Industry Association of California, or TechCA, will be the first nonprofit trade association focused on tech companies that work with government agencies, said Jennifer Saha, CEO of the [...]

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