Thank you to all the procurement wonks who joined us for TechCA’s first Procurement Committee meeting last week.  We had a good-sized crowd and a great first conversation about what’s important to technology vendors in Sacramento.  And a special thanks to IBM for hosting!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the meeting, this is going to be the year of IT procurement reform, at least that’s what we heard from Governor Newsom at his budget press conference in January.

There are so many important topics that we need to address, such as structural reform that makes procurement cycles far too long, and changing the way references work so that vendors do not have to ask CIOs for them repeatedly, wasting valuable time.  There must be a better way to improve accountability while streamlining the process to qualify good government partners.

As one astute observer mentioned during our meeting, we need to bring solutions and frame the conversation in a positive, constructive way.   I wholeheartedly agree.

We are committed to starting with a baseline of principles in hand that the industry can agree and speak on with one voice.  While it’s not a glamourous topic, procurement is fundamental to how government serves all Californians. I invite you to join in the conversation, stay tuned for the next meeting this spring.   Sign up here to be on our distribution list.